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52 Weeks of Handwriting PTA Fundraiser Worksheets Affiliate Program
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52 Weeks of Handwriting

Join parents and educators across the world in this campaign to improve handwriting for all ages.  Startwrite will provide YOU with the ideas to create a fun learning environment for your kids where handwriting becomes a multi-faceted adventure.

Every Monday, we will post the weekly theme and supporting activities so that you can incorporate the theme throughout the entire week.  Our original 52 Weeks Campaign began in June of 2012, but you can start at any time!  We have themes for every week of the year created for you!

 These ideas will include a handwriting idea, of course, as well as crafts and exciting ideas related to the theme to help get your kids moving.  Whether it’s searching for various animals at the zoo, singing songs, playing a game,  or searching for a variety of leaves in your neighborhood to turn into an art project, we’ll make writing FUN so that your kids look forward to each new theme and educational adventure.

Check the blog every Monday for all the details or click on the theme you want to work on below.

Week 1: Celebrate Fathers
Week 2:  Zoo
Week 3: Cool Off with Summer Treats
Week 4: National Safety Month
Week 5: Independence Day
Week 6: Family Reunions
Week 7: BeYOUtiful (Celebrating Our Uniqueness)
Week 8: My Family
Week 9: Water Parks
Week 10: All About Your Yard
Week 11: Camping
Week 12: Getting Ready for School
Week 13: Back to School Traditions
Week 14: Labor Day
Week 15: Good Manners
Week 16: Apples
Week 17: Creepy Crawly Spiders
Week 18: Purple
Week 19: Columbus Day
Week 20: Orange
Week 21: Pumpkin Patch
Week 22: Halloween
Week 23: Turkey
Week 24: Pilgrims
Week 25: Native Americans
Week 26: Thanksgiving
Week 27: Red
Week 28: Green
Week 29: Christmas
Week 30: New Years Goals
Week 31: Snowmen
Week 32: Household Pets
Week 33: Yellow
Week 34: Blue
Week 35: Valentine’s Day
Week 36: Kitchen Fun
Week 37: Meals
Week 38: Brothers
Week 39: Sisters
Week 40: Space
Week 41: Easter
Week 42: The African Continent
Week 43: Animals
Week 44: Fruit
Week 45: Vegetables
Week 46: South America
Week 47: Mother’s Day
Week 48: Flying Bugs
Week 49: Ocean Fish
Week 50:  Mexico, Cinco de Mayo
Week 51: Extended Family
Week 52: Field Day

Show your participation in our 52 Weeks of Handwriting Campaign by placing this button in your sidebar and related blog posts.  We’d love to hear what your family or classroom is up to and how you’re incorporating these ideas into your handwriting practice.

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