StartWrite Features at a Glance

Handwriting learning for Nersery Student

StartWrite makes teaching handwriting much more effective with personalized practice sheets that your students and children will enjoy. No one likes busy work. StartWrite makes creating handwriting practice sheets fun with powerful design tools and numerous creating options. You'll find StartWrite Handwriting software indespensible in teaching handwriting.


StartWrite includes multiple fonts and features designed to help teachers and parents create fun practice sheets that children and students will enjoy!

handwriting sample sheett
Start Dot: The Start Dot shows your student where to begin each letter. Use the Start Dot in combination with other features to create all kinds of exciting worksheets.
Alphabet handwriting sample sheett
Letter Outline: Get the youngest ones started by tracing lines within the outline of each letter.
handwriting sample sheett
Decision Dots: These dots indicate critical points in a letter, where each stroke begins, ends, bends, curves, zigs or zags. So children can practice what comes next.
sample sheet of handwritingt
Color Letters: Designate each stroke with a color or shade of gray, indicating which comes 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. Teach your kids technique with a fun, colorful exercise.
Sample sheet of Drawingt
Dotted Shapes: Place these objects on the same line as the word, so students can trace geometric shapes and learn to write their names: square, circle, triangle.
Kindergarten handwriting Practicesheett
Spanish Fonts: Now Spanish speakers can practice in their own language, and other kids can learn special characters like ñ and é.


improve handwriting of kindergarten

Make your practice sheets Amazing! The numerous creative tools will make creating and editing easier and you can control the color, font shades and graphics, from borders to clip art.

  • Font Shading from Light to Dark for better visual understanding of letters.
  • Select any or all of Four Guide Line Options: Top, Bottom, Middle and Descender. Change any line to dashed, solid or turn off and change to any color you like.
  • Type the font as solid letters, dashed or dotted.
  • Stroke Arrows for correct letter formation.
  • Expand Font Sizes anywhere from 1/4" to full page size.
  • Choose Handwriting Fonts including Manuscript, Manuscript-Simple, Modern Manuscript, Italic, PLMR, HWOT, VIC - Australia, QLD - Australia, and NSW - Australia.
  • Use Cursive Fonts that relate to the above-listed, for the advanced students.
  • Area Highlight: You can highlight any of the three writing areas – top, middle, and bottom in any color desired.
  • Flowing Text: Allows text to flow from one Text Box to another.
  • Grid: The Grid View helps you arrange the Text and Art Boxes on the screen, but the Grid will not print on the practice sheet.
  • Clip Art is Included or import your own BMP or JPG clipart for fun personalized pages.
  • Border Art: Add fun, exciting borders around the text boxes, or add pictures associated with the letter or word the student is practicing.
  • Color all around: You can change the color of almost any component on the page. Blue arrows or Green guidelines. You can make your worksheets sparkle!
  • Print Practice sheets on Regular Paper on your printer – no expensive paper or workbooks needed. Print only what you need and save!
  • Print in Portrait or Landscape to meet your needs.
  • Custom Lessons are included and others can be downloaded free from the Homepage, for easy and quick lesson preparation.
  • Standard Word Processing Functions like new, open, save, copy, paste, cut, print, zoom, etc. for ease in preparation.
  • Word Spell Checker for correctly spelled practice sheets.
  • Save Lessons to create in minutes a curriculum of your own.
  • Math Fonts and other graphical fonts for even greater learning opportunities.
  • Create Numerous Pages for spelling, phonics, letters to relatives and friends, scrapbooking, etc. and make practicing handwriting fun and enjoyable.
  • And there’s much more....