Ideas For Use By Parents

learning to write English handwriting
  • Give your handwriting practice sheets a personal touch. Make the practice sheets have meaning for your child. Focus on their likes, needs and skills.
  • Create handwriting practice sheets that will complement the handwriting lessons your child's teacher is using.

StartWrite is a great tool that will assist you in helping your child advance faster in school. StartWrite lets you create personal, meaningful and fun handwriting practice sheets. Your child will want to practice, especially when what they are writing their own story. Ask a child to tell you want they want to say to a grandparent, type it, print it and after the child writes it, send it to Grandpa and Grandma. There will be nothing more memorable for a grandparent than a letter from a grandchild in their granchild's handwriting. Ask your child what happened on their first day of school, type it, print it and have your child write the words. Attach a picture and you have an amazing diary page. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

StartWrite gives you tools to meet your child's needs at their skill level. You can create handwriting practice sheets easily and quickly with your computer. You don't need to buy generic, meaningless practice sheets.

Help your child get a head start in handwriting with StartWrite. This time saving software makes teaching and learn handwriting fun, meaningful and allows parents to be directly involved with their children's education.

"I can't tell you how excited the children were to use StartWrite. Unlike our old handwriting books that have no meaning to our children, they are now able to trace and write things that mean something to each of them! My daughter was able to write a note to thank her grandparents. We are very pleased." 
-Ellen S.