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Fundraisers for PTAs and PTOs

Startwrite is working with PTAs and PTOs to promote better handwriting and more interaction with parents and their children. Instead of raising funds for the PTA/PTO by selling candy, ice cream or coupon books, now you can raise your needed funds and help your students improve their handwriting skills.

The Startwrite Fundraiser works like this:

  1. The PTA/PTO sells the Startwrite software to the parents.
  2. We will send 250 flyers, at no charge, with your contact information printed on them.
  3. The PTA/PTO sets the sales price. The recommended amount of $39.95 as shown on the website (the regular price is $49.95).
  4. The software cost to the PTA/PTO is $21.95.
  5. The PTA/PTO makes $18 per Startwrite Software pack sold at the $39.95 pricing.


If 50 or more Startwrite Software packets are sold, the cost will be $19.95 and the PTA/PTO will earn $20.00 per software. The school will also receive a free Lab Pack (value $199.95) for use on up to 10 computers or a credit of $199.95 towards a School Site License ($499.95) for use on up to 50 computers.


All Startwrite Software packs sold will be sent to a single address of your choosing to eliminate costly shipping expenses. Distributing the Startwrite Software packs will be the responsibility of the PTA/PTO. You keep the funds and just pay Startwrite the wholesale price of the software.

Start today raising funds for your PTA/PTO and raising the handwriting skills of your student!
Call us at 1-888-974-8322 (1-888-Write ABC)