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About Us

On a Sunday afternoon, Dave Sharp wanted to help his four-year old daughter, Emily, practice her handwriting. She would bring home worksheets from school with dotted letters for her to trace. Some of the worksheets looked like they had been copied a hundred times. So Dave decided to create a few of his own practice sheets with dotted letters that would be more personalized for Emily.

After trying to create a couple of words, Dave found that making dotted letters by hand was tedious, time-consuming and not very fun. He thought there must be some software available that would print dotted letters so educators and parents could create handwriting worksheets. After looking for a while, Dave was unable to find any. Then came the idea for Startwrite Handwriting Software. When he asked several friends who were teachers what they thought of the idea, they didn't just say it was a good idea or that it would be nice to have, they were ecstatic about it. They wanted to buy it from him right then and there, but it was still just an idea. So Dave designed the features and the layout of Startwrite and created the dotted fonts. However, his partner, Wayne Wylie, is the brains behind Startwrite. Wayne's tireless programming efforts have made Dave's dream a reality.

Today, Startwrite, the Handwriting Worksheet Wizard will help teachers, homeschoolers, and parents create handwriting lessons quickly and easily. Startwrite saves hours in lesson preparation time, yet allows you to easily create fun, meaningful worksheet to teach handwriting. Startwrite lets you focus on your child's needs and interests instead of dots and dots and more dots. We are excited to make Startwrite available to everyone who wants to teach handwriting to their child or student and save time doing it.