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Ideas For Use By Teachers

Are you tired of using a copy of a copy of a handwriting worksheet? Do you never have the time you need to prepare meaningful handwriting lessons? Tired of tediously creating worksheets by hand for hours? We understand these challenges teachers face trying to teach handwriting.

Startwrite is perfect for teachers! This handwriting software will help you create fun and helpful handwriting worksheets in just minutes, saving you loads of lesson prep time. Startwrite allows you to integrate handwriting practice with any subject. Your students can learn handwriting while studying any subject!

When Startwrite creator, Dave Sharp, ran his idea past several teachers he knew, not only were they excited about the idea, Startwrite was exactly what they needed.

Teachers, you no longer have to use a copy of a copy of a copy for your lessons. Startwrite is a quick and easy way to create fun and exciting handwriting worksheets. Let Startwrite help you cut your preparation time, but not the quality of what you prepare. You can customize the worksheets to meet any child's needs.

Available for teachers in Lab Packs, School Site Licenses, District Licenses, as well as Teach/Take-Home Licenses. PTA and other Fundraising Opportunities are also available (call for details).