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What Users Tell Us

The following are a sampling of the many actual emails we've received from our Startwrite users all across the United States and around the world.

Dear Startwrite,

I bought your program for my class, I teach Learning Disabilities (grades 1-5). It has been a true blessing. Your program has enabled me to see continual improvement in my student's handwriting.

Thank You,
Johanna K.

We love your software and we were very excited when we found it. It's exactly what we were looking for, and will solve all of our worksheet problems. We can't wait to get started.

Laura Y.

The time it takes me to create a work page for my students with Startwrite is about one tenth the time it used to take me. I save at least 20 house a week in preparation time for my kindergarten students.

Mary B.

Grandparents love to get mail from their grandchildren. Using Startwrite we have helped even our three year old write a letter to her grandparents.

Brenda N.

Startwrite is an answer to a prayer. Not only am I using it to teach my Kindergarten son how to write and get him started on the right path to beautiful handwriting, but I am also using it to teach myself Italic writing. My own handwriting has suffered terribly over the years for lack of practice.

I have purchased sets of penmanship books and spent much time copying the worksheets, however Startwrite has the advantage in that I can program my own letter combinations that are unique to my needs and are not covered in the books. Although the books are still useful, they are not as flexible as your program.

Thank you, and God Bless You for creating it, and keeping the cost affordable to parents and teachers.

Sincerely yours,
Marie W.
Homeschooling Mother of Two

We have been very pleased with the software and my children no longer hate to do their handwriting practice. My kids actually ask for sheets to do extra work. What a wonderful concept!

Sandee W.

Hello, and Happy Holidays!

I got a new computer for Christmas, and am in the process of setting up everything. I purchased Startwrite for my children a few months ago, and have enjoyed it very much.

Judy R.

Hello, I just downloaded Startwrite and am in the process of ordering it for my homeschool. I appreciate the ease of use and what a valuable tool this will be to me and to many others. Thank you for such a great product.

Kathy P.

We love the program and use it often.

Thanks again,
Sandi F.


I purchased your program. I love it and use it daily with my 3 boys.

It has been one of the best items I ever purchased.

Annette B.

Five minutes with your demo convinced me this was just what I've been missing in my homeschool. My two sons (one is 13!) have horrible handwriting. I also have a daughter just learning to write. With your program I can make it fun for them to do practice work which they would otherwise consider drudgery. Thanks for a great program.


I just have to tell you that your Startwrite program is remarkable!

I began homeschooling my daughter a year ago (when she was 4) and have struggled to find a better way to help her enjoy learning to write ever since. I have tried using word processing programs and revising the text, purchasing expensive pre-printed writing pages, and downloading pre-produced worksheets, but everything I tried lacked consistency and interest. For the most part, my daughter disliked learning to write using these worksheets, which made teaching her a real JOB for me.

After downloading the trial version of Startwrite, I didn't want to exit the program. Even though I knew I would be ordering the program the next day, I sat for hours making up new sheets for the upcoming school year. The manuscript, D'Nealian, and cursive fonts are exactly what I need, as I plan to teach my daughter progressively through these writing methods. And, the available font sizes, letter shading, and line options will be a tremendous help in progressive writing instruction.

The program is so simple, it needs no manual. Within a few minutes of installing Startwrite, I had produced several new interesting worksheets. I was even able to import a few photos of my daughter onto the pages (placed next to her name). When I gave the sheets to my daughter, her response was, "Thanks Mom! Your computer "art" is really wonderful!" She didn't even realize that the pages were for writing. When I told her she could practice writing with them - she said, "Can I REALLY write on these?" Then, after thinking for a few seconds, "If I do, will you make more?"

Startwrite has already begun to make my job easier as a homeschool instructor. I am relieved to know that my daughter will have something consistent, progressive, and more inspiring to use while learning to write.

I am really looking forward to using this program for many years to come.

Finally, my daughter is excited about writing!

Thanks for a GREAT program!
Christine H.

Dear Startwrite:

My daughter is in the sixth grade and has the most illegible cursive handwriting that I have ever seen, even her teachers have commented on it. Well, I took time out this morning after I dropped her off at school and searched the web, just hoping to find some printable cursive writing pages. Much to my delight, yours was the first on the search and my search stopped there! I downloaded the trial version and was immediately hooked and purchased it! What a great concept! If you can type it, they can write it! I am eager for my daughter to come home this afternoon and try out some of the pages that I have had fun creating for her to use!

Thank you so much for such a valuable learning tool! The ease of downloading and purchasing right over the net sold me. I didn't have to search a store only to find out that they were out of stock or wait in a long line to be checked out! I will check back later and let you know how well she is doing!!

Thank you for such a wonderful software program!

Fran H.

I teach mentally handicapped students K-5. I installed Startwrite last year. I made worksheets basic information worksheets for all my students. The parents said the worksheets were lifesavers. The children tend to regress over the summer unless they continue to use their skills. With Startwrite, they could continue to use the skills and the parents had little to no work. Some of the other teachers saw my worksheets and they wanted the program, also. Now all the ESE teachers have the program. The regular Ed. Kindergarten teachers have also purchased the program. It is a joy. To me, this program is the best thing for kids since peanut butter and jelly sandwiches were invented.

Thank you again. God Bless
Mary Beth H.
Trainable Mentally Handicapped

I am a mother of three, a ten year-old, four year-old, and one year-old. I was desperate for a way to help my four year-old with her handwriting skills since they were starting to concentrate on handwriting at her preschool. Your software is phenomenal. I shared a couple of samples with the daycare director who is just as excited. Thank you for such a great and well though out product.

Cindy S.